John Buckman's home page

I've been profiled by The Economist, Forbes and Inc. Magazine. As an Internet entrepreneur, I like founding companies that cause some heck and which have a social benefit.

However, I'm sort of finished with my hyper-alpha-salesguy-American phase and now prefer to code, meet interesting people, enjoy life, code, play around with molecular gastronomy, code and build useful things. Someday I might finish my cookbook on raw fish recipes from around the world entitled "Cold Fish."

These are the businesses I've created and currently run:

  • Magnatune is an Internet music service I founded in 2003. It provides a complete music collection to consumers for a $15/month fee. It is known for its pro-artist, pro-consumer, anti-major-label stance summed up in its slogan: "We are not evil."

  • I also run MoodMixes (which provides background music to businesses) and iLicenseMusic. Both use Magnatune's music catalog.

  • BookMooch is an online community for the exchange of used books, which I founded in 2006 and still run. People in 91 countries use it to exchange over a million books a year in many different languages, as well as donating a hundred thousand books to libraries and charities.

  • ToneGnome is an audio engineering services-over-the-Internet company. It's a side project, but I really enjoy it.
The Internet Freedom and Free Culture movements inspire all I do:
  • I'm the chairman of the board of the EFF.
  • I'm on the advisory board of the Open Rights Group (UK).
  • I'm a frequent speaker on the business use of Creative Commons and on innovative business models.
I live both in the San Francisco Bay Area and in London, England, but spent my childhood in Paris, France. My current favorite band is Lamb of God and I play the renaissance lute.

Lyris is an email management software company I founded in 1996. It employed 50 people when I sold it in 2005.

My Wikipedia page has up-to-date information about me.

I'm in the process of creating three new projects: a complete rewrite of Magnatune, idearchive and Yo Recipes.

This web site was rewritten and simplified in 2008, but you can find the old home page here with links to dozens of older articles I've written.

You can email me through BookMooch.

(photo credit Joi Ito, CC by v2)